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Honorary distinction for members of SEGE at the ” New Business” awards”

Aristotles Paths

The “Y’ New Entrepreneurship” award ceremony for young entrepreneurship for the year 2023, an institution that highlights young entrepreneurs, was concluded with honours for the members of SEGE. The ceremony, organized by Thessaloniki Events, took place on Wednesday 22 March, at the Cisco International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills.

The Young Entrepreneurship Awards are an institution that rewards young entrepreneurship, honoring businesses that are growing in the midst of difficult economic conditions, seeking growth opportunities and serving as role models for thousands of other young people.


For yet another year, the Hellenic Businesswomen’s Association supported the awards process and was invited to contribute to the promotion of the most important young entrepreneurs of Northern Greece.

Among the speakers of the evening, was the financial supervisor of SEGE, Ms Christina Vraca, who presented the awards in the category “Women’s Entrepreneurship”. During the evening, four members of the association, Mrs. Eleni Christodoulaki, Mrs. Polytimi Markogiannaki, Mrs. Maria Stefanou and Mrs. Magda Hadjinaki, were awarded for their career and contribution to entrepreneurship.

In the category “Women Entrepreneurship” were awarded:

Mrs. Eleni Christodoulaki.
Ms. Eleni Christodoulos Christodoulos, Ms. Polytimi Markogiannaki.
Mrs. Polytiti Polygonikonia Constantinou, Mrs. Maria Stefanou.

Mrs. Eleni Christodoulaki is the president of the company “Panelectrica SA”. Through her career, she has managed to establish the company as the indisputably indispensable partner in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Material. Panelectrica SA is an important and stable factor of support for the local community, making Mrs. Christodoulaki one of the few women who have distinguished themselves in this male-dominated sector.

Mrs. Polytimi Markogiannaki is the creator of Aristotle’s Paths travel agency P. Markogiannaki, a company that combines Aristotle’s philosophy of the four elements (water, air, earth, fire) with special cultural and hiking paths in Eastern Halkidiki. Ms Markogiannaki has succeeded in pioneering and creating value in the local market of Halkidiki and Northern Greece.

Maria Stefanou is a theatrical and artistic producer, author of self-awareness books, musical performer, teacher of elocution and musical theatre. In 2017 she started her own theatrical and artistic production company, “Maria Stefanou Productions”, bringing Thessaloniki to the forefront of the private entertainment industry.

In the category “Young Entrepreneurship” was awarded to Mrs Magda Hadjinaki, who inspired, together with her partners Access Simple, a business in the field of accessible tourism. Access Simple aims to promote inclusion in tourism and provide authentic experiences in Greece, accessible to all. Hatzinaki has succeeded in innovating, creating a value-added product that reaches a tourism share that was not accessible in the Thessaloniki market.




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