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Fishing Tourism in eastern Chalkidiki

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Eastern Chalkidiki is a place of remarkable morphology and unique attractiveness.

Eastern Chalkidiki is surrounded by more than 240 km of coastline and has 16 blue flags, winning the 7th place nationwide. It is an area with all distinctive characteristics, where an alternative form of tourism, as fishing, can be flourished. 

Fishing tourism, is an experiential form, attracting more fans, following the international tendency for alternative forms of tourism.

In eastern Chalkidiki, fishing tourism could ‘boost ‘the sustainable tourism development of the region. Central point of fishing tourism is Ammouliani, the only inhabited island of Chalkidiki. The notable undersea repoussé and the rich biodiversity, compose a distinct mosaic of special characteristics, in a peninsula well known for cultural heritage as the birthplace of Aristotle’s and the specific gastronomy, with high quality products as wine, honey, oil, aromatic plants, meat, cheese products, etc.

Eastern Chalkidiki synthesizes all those conditions for the development of fishing tourism, in addition to the special features mentioned above, it has a suitable infrastructure with two boats, the “Mediterranean” and the “Lakis 2” while there is the possibility to visit local mussel farms, a special local catch.

The types of fishing that are promoted for beginners and amateur fishermen are the fish vertical, the fish hook and the nets for lobsters, which lead to small but also quite large fishes! A unique experience where the visitor will not only experience the life of the local fishermen, but will be informed about the varieties of fishes that thrive in the area and the ways of protecting the underwater life, through the observance of the environmental rules.

Day trips where fishing can end up not only with fishes of several kilos but also in longboats and snorkelling in hidden beaches of incredible beauty. This experience is adding with the tastes of unique fish accompanied by local wine and tsipouro. The element, which makes eastern Chalkidiki even more special, is that the wine bottles can be “fished” from an underwater wine cellar located in the area.

A special type of fishing is the calamari bait, where it starts at sunset, an idyllic setting where the visitor is transported to a location illuminated by the island of Ammouliani, the Tower of Ouranoupolis and the monasteries of Mount Athos. The special lighting that is used as an additional bait in the sea, composes a unique experience that ends late at night, accompanied by music and local quality wine.

In the pre- and post-covid-19 era, in eastern Chalkidiki, especially fishing tourism can be a safe activity that combines learning, gastronomy and culture. An activity that can offer unique experiences and memories.

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