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A company in Halkidiki was awarded for its excellent work and its Aristotelian philosophy!

An excellent tourist agency that stands out from the rest is Aristotle’s Paths. It is distinguished by its Aristotelian philosophy, its actions and its way of thinking.

Aristotle’s Paths, based in Stratoniki, Aristotle’s Paths, was awarded by the Region of Central Macedonia, in the framework of the international tourism exhibition Philoxenia 2022, with the gold award “Excellence”, in the field of tourism services.

Aristotle’s Paths is a vision of the owner of the office, Polytimi Markogiannaki, who from the beginning wanted to combine the philosophy of Aristotle with the four elements (water, air, earth, fire) and with special cultural and hiking routes in eastern Halkidiki.
And he succeeded. Ms. Markogiannaki made a dream come true!
Each route is considered in every detail to offer a unique experience through the senses. According to her, the central idea of the team is to work with local companies that have a positive ecological or social impact on the region.
“I am working on Aristotle’s philosophy of the four elements (earth, air, water, fire) and have created some specific routes. For example, in Varvara waterfalls our main element is water, in Arnea another cultural route has to do with earth, in ancient Stagira our element is air”, explains Ms. Markogiannaki speaking to XalkidikiPolitiki.
Another activity of Aristotle’s Paths is the one called wine games, which is unique in Halkidiki: “It is an underwater wine cellar that can be experienced by diving. The underwater conditions organize a completely different taste, as the lack of oxygen underwater does not allow the wine to make the fermentations that would have taken place in air conditions, thus creating a special and unique taste!” she continues to say.

Ms.Markogiannaki says that through an experiential experience she aims to be able to combine local gastronomy (oil, honey, wine), images, nature, smells, so as to give an added value to the tourist product of the region.
At the same time, thinking about the basic values of life and especially the sense of freedom, the owner of Aristotle’s Paths wanted to join forces with the Accessibility Support Academy for a single common goal: equal accessibility everywhere. So they proceeded to develop alternative forms of tourism – with the main theme of sensory experience – for people with visual disabilities.

“It is very important that all people today have access to tourism and can do interesting things during their holidays”, underlines Polithimi Markogiannaki, who has studied Political Science with specialization in alternative forms of tourism, stressing that “these people, apart from vision, have developed the rest of their senses: smell, taste, touch, hearing”.
If you are visiting Halkidiki and are looking for a different experience that you probably haven’t had before, it’s worth the effort to visit Aristotle’s Paths in Stratoniki that will definitely steal your thunder.


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Aristotles Paths

When you start a trip, you do not just plan a route, you get involved in the five senses of the place you are visiting. Perfumes, images, local gastronomy, customs and traditions. In the end you change because you experienced something different. Let's start a journey together P. Markogiannaki Founder at Aristotle’s Paths


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