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Sunset Sea kayaking

Sunset Sea kayaking

Clear blue sea, rocky coast lines and the glorious sunset of Komitsa beach are just a paddle away! Explore with us secluded beaches, embark on rock hopping and learn about the History of the area throughout centuries. During paddling, your leader – guide will periodically pause to give you some time to rest, drink some water and of course snorkel around the reef area!!!

Metallio Βeach
A small and deserted bay crowned by pine trees, to which the granite rock volumes give a special beauty. It is named after an old leucolith mine that operated in the area until the 1960s. A small pine forest invades the sea and forms a rocky coastline that awaits us to explore.

The route we follow is subject to weather conditions, that we always take into great consideration. The difficulty level has to do with the group’s ability. We always follow the pace of the weaker participant. Fully guided tour by a BCU Coach.

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When you start a trip, you do not just plan a route, you get involved in the five senses of the place you are visiting. Perfumes, images, local gastronomy, customs and traditions. In the end you change because you experienced something different. Let's start a journey together P. Markogiannaki Founder at Aristotle’s Paths


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