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A route to the alternative face of Halkidiki

A route to the alternative face of Halkidiki

The route of the alternative face of Halkidiki refers to the air, water, earth and fire elements of Aristotle’s Philosophy.
Our route begins with a visit to the site of Ancient Stagira, the birthplace of the Great Philosopher Aristotle. We will make  a wonderful walk through the centuries.
Then we continue to an area of wild beauty, a Natura protected area, where we will visit the unique and mysterious waterfalls of the area. Imagine yourself swimming under a magnificent waterfall!
Optional free time to experience local gastronomy.

Price: 120€

*Price includes transfer (Ierissos,N. Roda,Ouranoupoli) and an escort.

waterfall st. barbara ancient stagira wall sea view ancient stagira wall panoramic view

When you start a trip, you do not just plan a route, you get involved in the five senses of the place you are visiting. Perfumes, images, local gastronomy, customs and traditions. In the end you change because you experienced something different. Let's start a journey together P. Markogiannaki Founder at Aristotle’s Paths


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