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waterfall st barbara rock

In a lush green landscape, rich in vegetation, the two impressive waterfalls of Varvara, located in the municipality of Aristotle, Halkidiki, dominate. The larger one is about 40 meters high, while the smaller one is about 25 meters high. Once standing in front of them, the visitor feels the beneficial energy and power of the water.

“In an area of wild natural beauty, the presence of running water is imposing while the visitor can take a bath in the waterfalls.The water is always frozen but worth a dip”, says the owner of a local tourist agency, Polytimi Markogiannaki.

Aristotle’s Paths travel agency has integrated the waterfalls path into the water element of Aristotle’s Philosophy. The area is visited by many Greeks, but also by foreigners, mainly English, Germans, Americans and Australians.

An interactive walk in the forest

In an area classified as Natura, a large number of aromatic plants such as wild oregano grow, while in the fauna of the area we find crabs, turtles and frogs. Such a route is suitable for the development of experiential tourism that can be integrated into luxury tourism.

“On our walk we have time to smell the aromatic plants. We observe the fauna found in the waterfalls, while we inform our clients regarding local myths involving fairies and use elements from the mythological tradition around Artemis. Through a game of traditions and narratives we find common traits of fairies, nymphs, deities that permeate religions with the main reference to the exaltation of nature.What could be more refreshing for the body, after a walk in the green forest, a dip in the crystal clear and cold water of the waterfalls. What more refreshing for the spirit is the music of running water, birds and the narratives of myths and traditions that bring different nationalities and religions to a common denominator”, explains Ms. Markogiannaki.

The route on the Kipouristra trail will surely compensate you.

The forest is native, biodiversity everywhere, with various species of shrubs, flowers, trees, such as linden, ash, beech, chestnut and wild hazelnut trees.

The waterfalls of Varvara are located at a distance of about 90 km from Thessaloniki. Visitors can reach the starting point by car with great care, otherwise they can park higher and have to walk about 2 km. From the starting point, the visitor needs to walk a 20-minute route to reach the smaller waterfall, while in 10 minutes he will reach the larger one.


Writer: N. Avoukatos

waterfall st barbara landscape waterfall st barbara close view waterfall st. barbara

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